NIIC 2016 Track Blocks - Preliminary Session Details

Information as of 11/30/2016. Subject to change. 

BLOCK 1 - Sunday, Dec 11 4:00PM - 5:15PM

  • Business and Financial EmpowermentComprehensive Financial Empowerment: Models for Success in Immigrant Communities
  • CitizenshipStrategies for Naturalizing the Most Vulnerable
  • Criminalization, Detention, and EnforcementImmigration Enforcement (and Criminalization) in a Trump Era
  • Economic JusticeState and Local Campaigns to Expand Workers’ Rights
  • EducationSchools as Centers of Immigrant Integration and Success
  • Federal Reforms: The Federal Immigration Landscape: Opportunities and Threats
  • Special SessionThe Organized Anti-Immigrant Movement: Who They Are, What They Want, and How We Can Push Back in Trump's America

Block 2 - Monday, dec 12 10:45am - 12:00pm

  • HealthAddressing the Emotional Health Needs and Trauma Experiences of Immigrants and Refugees
  • Receiving CommsApplying a Racial Justice Lens to Immigrant Integration Work
  • Refugee Resettlement and AdvocacyGlobal Migration and Refugee Flows—Bridging the Global Context to Local Responses
  • State and Local Integration Strategies: Budget and Appropriations Workshop
  • Adult Education and WorkforceMulti-Partner Collaborations with Lessons for the Future

Block 3 - Monday, dec 12 2:15pm - 3:30pm

  • CitizenshipBuilding Momentum in Your City: Working with Government and Existing Infrastructures
  • Economic JusticeRelief and Protection for Workers: U Visas, Deferred Action, and Other Options for Victims of Labor Abuses and Workplace Rights Defenders
  • EducationTaking Stock of ESSA’s Potential Impact on Immigrant and English-Learner Students
  • Federal Immigration PolicyWhat to Expect from the Trump Administration on Immigrant Integration
  • HealthThe Possibility of Changes to the Health Care Landscape and Effects on Immigrant Communities
  • Receiving Community Engagement StrategiesEngaging the Faith Community

block 4 - monday, dec 12 4:00pm - 5:15pm

  • State and Local Integration StrategiesRural and Suburban Strategies
  • Adult Education and WorkforceThe Evolving Case for Supporting the Integration of High Skilled Immigrants
  • Business and Financial Empowerment: Engaging the Business Sector in Immigrant Integration and Policy Advocacy
  • CitizenshipShaping a New American Electorate through Naturalization
  • Receiving Community Engagement StrategiesA Rising Tide of Hate: How Our Communities Can Come Together For Change

Strategy Block - monday, dec 12 2:15pm - 5:15pm

  • Criminalization, Detention, and EnforcementNew Strategies to Fight Deportations in the Trump era
  • Refugee Resettlement and Advocacy: Building and Leveraging Public Support for Refugee Resettlement in a Time of Backlash & Uncertainty

Block 5 - tuesday, dec 13 10:30am - 11:45pm

  • EducationMeeting the Needs of Newcomer Immigrant Youth: A Collective Call to Action for Educators and Community Partners
  • Federal Immigration PolicyNext Steps on Immigration Executive Actions
  • HealthResiliency in advocating for immigrant health in hostile environments
  • Receiving Community Engagement StrategiesStrengthening Inclusive Communications in Challenging Times
  • State and Local Integration Strategies: Census 2020: Building Grassroots, Local, State Collaboration in 2017 for a Complete Count of Immigrants

Block 6 - Tuesday, Dec 13 1:15pm - 2:30pm

  • Criminalization, Detention, and EnforcementThe Local and State Line of Defense
  • Adult Education and WorkforceExpanding Services for Immigrants and Refugees Across the Adult Education and Training Policy and Program Landscape
  • Receiving Community Engagement StrategiesStrategy Session: Receiving Communities Engagement: What Comes Next