2019 Plenaries

Central to NIIC are the Plenaries that take place on our conference main stage.The entire NIIC audience gathers for these sessions, which will address pressing issues of interest and concern to all working on behalf of immigrants and refugees. The NIIC Plenaries feature many prominent speakers – policy, thought and movement leaders, culture makers and artists, journalists and scholars alike. Plenaries take place each on each of the three days at NIIC.

The 2019 Plenaries are:

A New Deal for New Americans, that will explore innovative strategies and policies at the state and municipal level and a visionary national framework -- the New American Dreams Platform -- for state, regional and federal shifts that lead with a commitment to equity and shared prosperity.

Deep Roots: Lessons from the Motor City, drawing from the history of our host region, this Plenary centers our conference themes about Solidarity, Strength and Transformation, how our struggles and futures are tied together and how we work in intersectional ways to build a new movement for freedom for all.

It’s a Global Thing: Migration, Refugees, Economies, Climate & Democracy, that will lift our eyes beyond our borders to the global interconnections, challenges and impacts of migration, what our domestic movements in the US can learn from global partners, and what shifting US leadership means on the world stage.

Our Justice Journey: Celebrating Women’s Leadership, with historic numbers of women -- including immigrant women and women of color -- making a mark in Congress, running for President, and at the forefront in our movements, this plenary will explore how are women changing the American conversation about immigrants and refugees and much more.

We’re Not Waiting: Integration Victories & The Economy, amidst a landscape where federal policy has been often at a standstill, this plenary will shine a spotlight on important regional, state and municipal integration victories and strategies and our economy.

Winning the Future: From Hate to Hope, that will provide a strategic view on what long-haul winning means at this juncture in our country -- in 2020 at the polls, but far beyond that, in reclaiming American values that embrace pluralism and diversity and uplift all.

Timing details for the Plenaries will be released shortly. Stay tuned!