NIIC 2019 Tracks  

At the heart of NIIC are our issue area Tracks — which focus on key topic areas in the field of immigrant and refugee integration. They comprise over 50% of the program time at NIIC. Each year, we strive to include some Tracks that have often been featured at NIIC, as well as timely topics that speak to current issues, concerns and trends.  

Typically organized into 10-14 issue areas, the Tracks are comprised by ~30-40 sessions (workshops, panels, etc.) total, with 3-4 sessions in each Track area. Each year, 120-150+ speakers and presenters from 100-130+ organizations are featured throughout these sessions.

The Tracks are developed by national teams of experts in each subject area, over 40 Track Leads in total.  Read more about our Track Leads here.

The Tracks are open to all NIIC attendees with no advance sign-up required.

The 2019 Tracks* are as follows:

  • Access to/Advocacy for Justice

  • America as a Refuge/Refugee Issues

  • We Count: The Census and Our Communities

  • Education as a Gateway

  • Full Citizenship

  • Healthcare & Our Communities

  • Language Access/Language Justice

  • Racial Justice & Opposing Hate

  • Shared Prosperity

  • Welcoming & Inclusive Society

  • Winning in 2020

  • Women’s Leadership