As part of our commitment to ensuring the broadest participation possible at NIIC, we provide scholarships each year. NIIC typically receives 100-200+ applicants from across the country. Priority is given to applicants who have not attended NIIC in the past, but all are welcome to apply.

Scholarship applications for NIIC 2019 will launch in late July/early August.

Awardees will be notified on a rolling basis in September.

Scholarships are awarded based on available funds and NIIC encourages all scholarship applicants to also explore other possible avenues of support.  

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to NIIC’s scholarship fund, please contact

FAQs about NIIC Scholarships

What do NIIC Scholarships include?

Typically NIIC Scholarships include 3Day Registration to NIIC and a modest travel stipend. Scholarships vary from year to year based on available funds.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is interested to attend NIIC is welcome to apply. 

How do I apply? What's required?

NIIC provides a short online application which must be completed by all Scholarship applicants. That's it.

Can more than 1 person from my organization apply?

Yes. NIIC reviews and considers all applicants.

I'm interested in a Scholarship but don't want to miss out on the Discounted Early Bird Registration rates. What should I do?

If you register for NIIC and are awarded a NIIC Scholarship, NIIC will refund your Registration fees.