Thanks from NIIC 2017 & More!

Thank you for joining us last week in Phoenix for NIIC 2017 - AND JUSTICE FOR ALL - to engage in the largest convening of immigrant and refugee leaders and advocates in the country. With over 1,000 participants, 170+ speakers, 50 breakout sessions, and 14 tracks, this marked our biggest and most inspiring NIIC yet thanks to you!  

We hope you enjoyed your last day at NIIC, including the power-packed closing Plenary, The Path Forward: Organizing and Democracy featuring Dolores Huerta, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Robert Moses, Heather Booth and moderated by Maria Hinojosa. Looking back over 50+ years of civil rights struggles - for immigrants, refugees, people of color and women - and to the urgencies of today, people power, and power in our commitment to our democracy rang out loud and clear.

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We have more than 1,000 thank yous -- to all who helped make NIIC 2017 possible! To our Arizona and national partners, our Executive Committee and Sponsors, Track Leads and speakers, our performers and volunteers and all in Phoenix who helped make the conference run so well: thank you.

Thank you for your support and partnership, your continuous work to protect, strengthen, and integrate immigrants and refugees into our country. We know there will be many fights ahead and we are proud to be in them with you, including our collective work fighting to pass the DREAM Act this week.  

Check NIIC Facebook in the coming days for photo albums of all the action thanks to our amazing photographers Carolina Kroon and Phil Soto -- they captured our time together with vision and heart.

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And help us make the next NIIC even better! Please take 5 minutes to complete this brief survey and let us know what you enjoyed and how we can make improvements. 

We hope to see you at NIIC 2018 and to work side by side with you all year long!

---All of us at NIIC, NPNA, and Promise Arizona

Day Two: Fierce Resistance & Building Across Movements

Powerful and inspiring: two great words to describe Day 2 of And Justice for All. Today was full of intense discussions, heartfelt story telling, stirring music, and planning for the future. That's #NIIC 2017!

We're all quite aware that we're operating in an historically difficult moment. Our two Plenaries today -- Building Alliances In Difficult Times and  And Justice For All: A Year of Fierce Resistance and Solidarity Brings Us to 2018 -- dove deep into this reality and offered up tactics, strategies, and hope. Guy Reiter of the Native Organizers Alliance summed up a strategy to face the challenges before us: Adapt. Overcome. And continue to love.   

Tomorrow's first Plenary which will look beyond our own border --  Global Migration and the Rise of Nationalism -- kicks off a bit earlier at 8:30am, so come down for some coffee before hand and grab a good seat. Then you've got another two rounds of Track sessions on either side of our lunch Plenary -- The Path Forward: Organizing & Democracy -- to choose from.  

If you're heading out early, thanks again for joining us and safe travels! If you're with us until the final bell, don't miss our closing and special performance at 3:15pm in the main NIIC plenary room.

See you in the morning, 

— All of us at NIIC, NPNA, and Promise Arizona

Day One: NIIC Kick off, The Arizona Story & More

We're thrilled to have you join us here in Phoenix and we hope you enjoyed your first day at NIIC! We're just getting started. Each day we'll provide you with some quick updates and preview some events for the next day to help you get the best out of your NIIC experience.

Our opening Plenary of the conference, The Arizona Story, featured honest talk about lessons learned from Arizona's fights against anti-immigrant attacks, how this advocacy influenced the national movement, and what's possible going forward. The Plenary, as Petra Falcon noted, kicked-off a conversation that reflected why over 1,000 of you came to Arizona and why this moment is so important to us. "The story our six panelists have to tell, lifts up the struggles we have fought, the lessons we have learned, claims our wins, but also reflects on these fights. We have not won yet. But, all of us, have built a movement that is still growing in Arizona and has birthed leadership envied by a nation." If you missed this dynamic discussion, check out NIIC Facebook for the live streaming we posted. 

We start bright and early tomorrow! Make sure you have your badges and join us for breakfast and the first of two Monday PlenariesBuilding Alliances in Difficult Times at 9am. Like you, the NIIC social media team can't be everywhere at once, so join the conversation on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram using  #NIIC2017  to discover what's going on in other sessions and what is inspiring your NIIC peers. 

If you didn't get a chance to explore the NIIC Expo today, we encourage you to make time tomorrow. The Expo is a vibrant space for artists, organizations, and businesses to showcase their vision, art, and advocacy. The Expo is split into two locations -- one on the 2nd floor (200 near the Track sessions) and the other on the 3rd floor (300 level) in front of the Plenary/NIIC mainstage room. The Expo is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm on Monday and 8:00am to 5:00pm on Tuesday.

See you in the morning! 

--All of us at NIIC, NPNA, and Promise Arizona