The NIIC Expo is a vibrant space for businesses, organizations and artists to showcase their work to the broad audience that is with us over the conference days. Deepen the association of your brand with immigrant and refugee communities, and connect directly those leading and working on these issues across the country. Located in a central and widely trafficked part of the venue where NIIC 2019, the Detroit Presidential Forum and Concert of Colors Live at NIIC events all take place, the Expo is open for the full 3-days of the conference (Sunday October 20-Tuesday October 22).

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The deadline to confirm participation in the Expo is October 1. 

NIIC Conference Program Book

The NIIC Conference Program Book is the central directory for all things at NIIC and reaches all of our attendees. A digital copy is also featured on the NIIC website, and promoted through our national social media channels, reaching more than 100,000 others. Advertising in the Conference Program Book provides an opportunity to elevate your organization’s commitment to immigrants and refugees, and promote important programs, services and events. 

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The deadline to reserve ads in the Conference Program Book is September 20.

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