Mission & Vision

The National Immigrant Integration Conference is the nation’s largest gathering of the entire sector working on behalf of America’s immigrants and refugees and is the  annual gathering of the National Partnership for New Americans. Since its inception in 2008, it has grown to become a broad, diverse, highly collegial and collaborative space that consistently draws over 1,200 leaders from more than 450 organizations across the United States, as well as a growing cohort of international partners from Canada, Europe and Mexico. To ensure that NIIC is accessible to the broadest audience possible, each year the conference is held in a different region of the country and is anchored by local co-hosts.

Amidst one of the most virulently anti-immigrant, anti-refugee administrations in American history, led by a controversial and volatile Executive, the policy landscape and on-the-ground reality for immigrants and refugees is hostile, dangerous and unstable. NIIC 2019 will take place in the lead up to the pivotal 2020 Presidential election that will either affirm America’s longstanding commitment to welcoming all, or continue the contentious politics of xenophobia and division. At the heart of NIIC is our shared understanding that immigrant and refugee integration is essential for equity. The integration field that the conference brings together is one that seeks to further the goals of the immigrant and refugee rights field. Integration of immigrants and refugees means a fully shared American life -- shared access, shared prosperity, shared opportunity, and shared power -- for all communities.

NIIC 2019 will be held in Detroit, MI, from October 20-22 and is co-hosted locally by Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS), Michigan Immigrant Rights Center (MIRC), and Michigan United (MU). Detroit and Michigan are a deeply fitting site for NIIC 2019. Located in the heart of the Midwest, Detroit embodies much of America’s important racial justice, economic, industrial, migration, and cultural history. NIIC 2019 will shine a spotlight on the shifting political and demographic realities of our country and and uplift the stories of states like Michigan, a classic “Purple” swing state, with tensions about the nation’s changing economy and our growing diversity.

Metro Detroit is home to the largest concentration of Arab Americans in the country as well as one of the nation’s largest refugee communities and hosting NIIC in the region will help shine a much needed, affirming spotlight on these communities which are so much in the cross-hairs of national political vitriol and hate mongering. Hosting NIIC in Michigan and Detroit, specifically, which borders Canada, is also timely given the intense national conflict about our borders. As we enter the 2020 electoral season, Michigan’s impact on the face of the future is also significant: the state has made history in electing one of the first two Muslim American women to Congress.

NIIC 2019 will uplift the solidarity, strength,and transformative power of our movements supporting and led by immigrants and refugees. Specifically, the conference will:

  1. Advance NPNA’s New American Dreams Platform of policies and common sense solutions at the local, state, and federal level that support dignity for New Americans and benefit all Americans.   

  2. Engage key national civic, political and policy leaders to commit to the New American Dreams Platform.

  3. Support New American participation in our democracy, through activism, naturalization, voter registration, voting, 2020 Census, and running for public office.

  4. Celebrate New American contributions to our nation's economy, as workers, entrepreneurs, and consumers, and pursue equity for New Americans and all Americans.

  5. Provide training and education on the key issues affecting New Americans.

  6. Share best policies, practices, and research on successful civic, economic, and language immigrant integration.

  7. Strengthen connections and relationships across the different sectors, ethnicities, and funders of our movement.

In contrast to the painful landscape of the last few years -- with children torn from their families and corralled in cages, asylum seekers turned back at the border and into harm’s way, the ending of legal status for over a million young people and refugees who came to the U.S. fleeing war and climate disaster, rising hate violence targeting immigrants, refugees and people of color -- NIIC celebrates our commitment to an inclusive democracy that welcomes, integrates and uplifts all, recognizing the vital contributions and impact all communities have on our nation. NIIC is an inspiring, collegial and intersectional space that showcases the expertise and innovation of a wide range of leaders, organizations, and networks all working on behalf of America’s immigrants and refugees and towards a shared vision of a welcoming democracy.