Day Two: Fierce Resistance & Building Across Movements

Powerful and inspiring: two great words to describe Day 2 of And Justice for All. Today was full of intense discussions, heartfelt story telling, stirring music, and planning for the future. That's #NIIC 2017!

We're all quite aware that we're operating in an historically difficult moment. Our two Plenaries today -- Building Alliances In Difficult Times and  And Justice For All: A Year of Fierce Resistance and Solidarity Brings Us to 2018 -- dove deep into this reality and offered up tactics, strategies, and hope. Guy Reiter of the Native Organizers Alliance summed up a strategy to face the challenges before us: Adapt. Overcome. And continue to love.   

Tomorrow's first Plenary which will look beyond our own border --  Global Migration and the Rise of Nationalism -- kicks off a bit earlier at 8:30am, so come down for some coffee before hand and grab a good seat. Then you've got another two rounds of Track sessions on either side of our lunch Plenary -- The Path Forward: Organizing & Democracy -- to choose from.  

If you're heading out early, thanks again for joining us and safe travels! If you're with us until the final bell, don't miss our closing and special performance at 3:15pm in the main NIIC plenary room.

See you in the morning, 

— All of us at NIIC, NPNA, and Promise Arizona