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Mission & Vision

New American Dreams 2018: The National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC) is the largest conference on immigration in the country.

In 2018 the NIIC takes place in the diverse and vital immigrant community of Tyson’s Corner, Northern Virginia, just outside of our nation’s capital Washington, D.C. We will connect our leaders and organizations with our nation’s top national political and policy leaders. We will celebrate and learn from our co-hosts CASA and NAKASEC and their local allies how immigrant civic engagement and alliances led the immigrant community “From Resistance to Victory”.

The New American Dreams 2018 NIIC will:

  • Advance the “New American Dreams Platform” of policies and common sense solutions at the local, state, and federal level for supporting successful communities and immigrant lives with dignity.  
  • Support new American participation in our democracy, through activism, naturalization, voter registration, voting, the Census, and running for public office.
  • Celebrate new American contributions to our nation's economy, as workers, entrepreneurs, and consumers.

In Virginia we will celebrate the civil rights struggles of our African American sisters and brothers, and celebrate the full diversity of the immigrant communities in the U.S., including Latinos, Africans, Arabs and Muslims, Asian and Pacific Islanders, and Europeans.

The NIIC is a collegial annual crossroads for the service providers, advocates, immigrant organizations, educators, municipal leaders, business and economic development groups, philanthropy, labor unions, academics, and the many other organizations who work for a successful, diverse nation. NIIC 2018 is the 11th NIIC hosted by the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA). NIIC 2018 will actively work to:

  • Build power for new Americans by advancing civic engagement strategies
  • Make connections between different sectors, ethnicities, and funders of our movement
  • Provide Training and Education on the key issues affecting new Americans
  • Share best policies, practices, and research on successful civic, economic, and language immigrant integration
  • Hear from our nation’s top political, civic, and policy leaders

The past two years have seen cruel attacks separating immigrant families; devastation of our nation’s traditions of welcoming those fleeing violence, disaster and religious persecution; and the ending of legal status for over a million young people and refugees who came to the U.S. fleeing war and climate disaster. Bullying rhetoric singles out specific religions, ethnicities and countries.

In contrast, NIIC 2018 celebrates NPNA’s commitment to an inclusive democracy that welcomes, integrates and uplifts all refugees and immigrants, recognizing the vital contributions and impact they have on our nation. NIIC 2018 is an intentionally generous space, that includes a wide range of leaders, organizations, and networks working to promote their work and vision.