Break Bread with Eddie Huang at NIIC 2016

Our democracy is stronger when we love our neighbors. It's vibrant when we celebrate and encourage diversity. It prospers when everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

At the 9th annual National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC) 2016 -- which takes place in just two weeks -- we will contend with the aspirations and realities of American democracy. Some our country's leading voices on immigration policy and civil rights will speak. And we will also hear stories of immigrants, refugees, and their families.

Among those joining us to share his family's story is Eddie Huang, who will speak on the NIIC mainstage in our Breaking Bread: Food, Culture and Immigration plenary on Sunday December 11.

Chef, writer, TV host, fashion designer, speaker and producer and American-born child of Taiwanese immigrants, Eddie inspires us with his talent for crossing borders and building bridges through culture, food, music and art. Widely known as the chef and owner of the popular Taiwanese restaurant Baohaus in New York City's East Village, Eddie has produced several projects under the moniker "Fresh Off the Boat," including his ingenious travelogue series with VICE Media, a "genre bending venture of subcultures through the lens of food." In 2013, he adopted the name for his New York Times Bestselling memoir which led to a wildly popular sitcom of the same name. Read more about Eddie's visionary-- and fun-- work here!

Join us as WE THE PEOPLE: NIIC 2016 as we tackle the issues impacting our legislatures and neighborhoods, our airwaves and dining tables.

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We can't wait to see you in Nashville,

Stephanie Teatro, Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition
Lindsey Harris, Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition
Tara Raghuveer, National Partnership for New Americans
Cynthia Greenberg, National Immigrant Integration Conference