At the heart of NIIC 2018 are our issue area Tracks — which focus on key topic areas in the field of immigrant and refugee integration. Each year, we strive to include some Tracks that have been often been featured at NIIC as well as timely topics that speak to current issues and trends. The Tracks comprise a core of the programming at NIIC and are developed by teams of experts in each subject area, over 40 Track Leads in total. Each Track includes several sessions, which may vary in format (workshop, panel, etc.); typically 120-150 speakers from 100-130 organizations are featured in these sessions, which are open to all NIIC attendees with no advance sign-up required.

The 2018 Tracks* are:

Track Co-Leads

The NIIC 2018 Tracks are built by a talented team of experts in the field from all across the country. Meet them here!

For reference, information about the 2017 Track Leads is here.