From In-State Tuition to College Completion: College Access and Success for Immigrant Youth

While the past several years have seen considerable progress in the fight for tuition equity and financial aid for Dreamers, there are still many hurdles to postsecondary success facing students from immigrant families. Immigrant students are more likely to be nontraditional college students—they enroll at older ages, often attend school part time, and balance competing work and family responsibilities. This session will explore strategies and institutional innovations that promote postsecondary success for immigrant youth. Moderator:

  • Teresita Wisell, Executive Director, Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education


  • Kathy Gin, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Educators for Fair Consideration
  • Jose Arreola, Training and Community Relations Manager, Educators for Fair Consideration
  • Joy Smucker, Highline College, Transition Success Center
  • Jazmin Segura, Educators for Fair Consideration
  • Tehani Collazo, CASA de Maryland
  • Angela Chen, UCLA Bruin Resource Center