NIIC Will Address Why We Need To Welcome Refugees

In a week’s time, nearly a thousand people from across the country will gather for the National Immigrant Integration Conference 2015 (NIIC 2015). NIIC is taking place in a time of great turmoil: We’ve seen backlashes against immigrant communities from elected officials and presidential candidates. A rise in anti-refugee and Islamophobic rhetoric. And a pernicious culture of fear and intolerance descending upon communities across the nation.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hammond

Against this backdrop, NIIC will address these issues head on by offering plenary presentations, panels and workshops that highlight the best strategies being used across the country to welcome refugees, including:
Will you be at NIIC to make the call for tolerance loud and clear?

Among some of the many leaders who will be joining the NIIC conversation December 13th to the 15th, here are some key speakers who will discuss why we need to welcome refugees:

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